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Excellence in Broadcast Training for over 43 successful years!
Welcome to the Positions Sought Classifieds Page!
Hard-working, team-player that brings a lot of energy and a passion to strive for excellence every day. Self-motivated to achieve any tasks, deadlines and obstacles in front of me. 

Charles Lyons Jr.  (817) 791-1235
  Fresh, modern, renaissance woman, music/radio junkie.  An outgoing personality, young/hip, multi-talented individual.  Very fast learner, and hard-working.  Strong copywriting, and on-air talent capacities.  Risk taker, spontaneous, enthusiastic, reliable team player. 

Latrice (817) 443-7493
Prepared, production ability with flow and pace, amazing talent for teasing and keeping listeners through sales blocks, smooth transitions sharp and great in’s & out’s. Responsible, competitive, focused, leads by example.

Raymond (817) 727-7470
Seeking to serve with a Christian organization/station in the capacity of: copywriting, production or programming.  A huge Heart for community, and Christ.  Deeply devoted, passionate, humble, and confident. 

Willie (817) 504-2261
Energetic, outgoing, creative broadcasting professional who thrives when working in a team setting as well as on solo projects. Well versed in all social media networks, promotions, on-air/production and technically inclined. 

Cassie (214) 606-3491
Above and beyond mind-set, and can handle the pressure.  Strong music knowledge and artist information, great work ethics, loyal, dependable and focused.  Loves a challenge, detailed and deadlines don’t scare me.

Yolanda (347) 284-0079
Professional in broadcasting, production and voice over work. Seeking employment as an on-air personality and/or production engineer. Willing to relocate! 

Bernie  (469) 618-6365
G’Day Mate!  Authentic Australian Female Accent.  Brilliant, bubbly, outgoing.  Informed, well versed great news/research and editing and producing and social media abilities.  Music knowledge, on-air and VO.

Charmaine (682) 304-9444
Passion for Broadcasting and Entertainment.  Solid digital skills CoolEdit/ProTools/Adobe Audition. Strong music/songwriting along with dance/speaking capacities… punctual, dedicated, perfectionist and ready to work! 

Vernard (817) 298-2727
Vastly trained in many areas of radio broadcasting, your new radio broadcaster has arrived.  You’ve been searching for an on air personality to boost ratings, well here I am! For more info contact

Deron at 719-510-5821
Versatile On-air/Social Media savvy.  Quick study, dedicated, and eager to be a part of the team!   Strong work ethics, and can be plugged in anywhere for any duty.  The only thing missing is the opportunity.

Michael (469) 230-3345
Sports is my Thing, but not all I’m limited to!!!  Extremely knowledgeable and insightful, passionate and relatable sports professional!  A uniquely creative, credible and dedicated utility player – who loves the game – not matter what game it is.  

Wally (214) 923-4863
5 years’ experience!  Bilingual, with good voiceover, news/sports, copywriting, technical, and digital ability.  Effective communicator, well-rounded and charismatic.  Extremely reliable, focused, hardworking, quick learner, adaptable, plus managerial, and customer service experience. Computer savvy.

Ray (214) 930-9031
A creative, passionate multi-platform performer and social media monster! A unique on-air talent with style, and swag that is unmatched. "Don't see the show, BE THE SHOW"

Jai Lee (214) 554-6727
Fun, exciting, talented, passionate, radio personality or support positions.  Positive attitude, with strong creativity, able to generate engaging and interesting topics, plus new ideas for audience.  Good music knowledge and production skills. 

Carmen (478) 361-5348
Deep Voice and Talent!  Optimistic, motivated, ambitious, creative, and dedicated personality, with a diverse digital production and on-air skill sets. Open-minded and ready to work for your broadcasting company. 

Saije Baker (937) 248-8483
Musical, Professional, and Creative Vocal Images.  Rick Hays has enthusiasm, passion, and vigor – plus is ready to work for you.  A Toastmaster with strong communication abilities, and broadcasting experience. 

Rick (724) 413-4029
Passionate Broadcaster/Writer.  Curiosity that grows and a love of knowledge is seeking challenges to further my passions and ambitions. On-air/VO/News/Research/Production – well versed, creative and flexible.  Loyal, quick and sees tasks through professionally. 

Melody (817) 701-6778
High energy, driven individual with on-air/Play-by-Play/sports experience, including Sports Merchandising.  Solid knowledge of teams and games, and technical skills. Hard working and does what it takes to get the job done. 

Jonathan (607) 239-4580
Sports Aficionado, with powerful production capacities too!  Tenacious team-player, broadcasting/programming skills, plus stellar statistician ability. 

Tony (302) 750-2575
A highly enthusiastic challenge seeker!  Trained – Qualified in professional broadcasting techniques and skills. Audio- Copywriting-Copy delivery- live broadcasting – news writing news delivery copy deliver live broadcasting – Eager to apply those skills to a career  I take pride in!

Kayla (231) -613-2807
Open, friendly, relatable, conversational, professional female broadcaster, with strong producing, copy, voiceover, editing and advertising traits.  Funny, creative and versatile, self-starter with diligent work ethic abilities, plus a passion for community events.

Danielle (469) 401-4667
Experienced Broadcasting professional, accomplished in On-air, News/Sportscasting, Traffic Reporting, Media Relations plus exceptional Radio Imaging & Production skills. Encouraging with great personality, very conversational, and able to relate to audience. 

Reggie (443) 416-8388
Open, friendly, relatable, conversational, professional female broadcaster, with strong producing, copy, voiceover, editing and advertising traits. Funny, creative and versatile, self-starter with diligent work ethic abilities, plus a passion for community events.

Danielle (469) 401-4667
Well-spoken broadcaster/communicator, confident, lots of energy, and a great sense of humor.  Relatable, outgoing, and seeks to be the best.  Good on-air/digital skills with Mobile DJ/Hosting and other capacities to my credits.

Dalmineo (205) 482-3324
Well-versed, persuasive, humorous, engaging, relational, and adaptable broadcaster/entertainer with stand-up comedy/emcee/hosting experience and stage presence.  Exceptional work ethics, and dependable, with strong public speaking capacities. Notable digital and prep skills. 

Kenny (570) 497-6983
All around good guy and broadcaster.  Strong on-air, digital, music programming, and news skills.  Energetic, catches on quick, doesn’t mind getting hands dirty, dust off and keeps moving forward.

James (215) 200–4267
Broadcasting graduate seeking a position as a voice over personality or DJ for a R&R or AC station.  Very strong voice & great personality for on-air.  Hard worker! 

Herbert 405-819-5665
Strong communication, public speaking and show prep skills.  Engaging, thought provoking, perceptive, patient, and punctual.  Creative with great personality and content.  Good understanding of programming, music, production, copy, and hosting events.

Paul (404) 437-8413
Passionate for music/broadcasting industry, Motivated Professional, 10 years experience as Mobile DJ, tech savvy individual in production/VO, On-Air/programming as well as social media, creative copywriting skills and adapts quickly.  

Justin (541) 321-1130
Passion for sports/broadcasting.  Vast knowledge/appreciation of sports, athletes, and what it takes to stay in the game!  Possess strong writing, communication, technical abilities, very multi-faceted able to be valuable utility player. 

Tyler (817) 219-4799
Passionate  Professional, with great work ethics!  Notable and Sharp ProTools/Adobe Audition/CoolEdit and Producer talents.  Vocalist/Writer/Music, 15 year Freelancer with marketing and jingle writing too.  Well-rounded, creative, fun, relatable and energetic. 

Eric (214) 927-8842
Polished, charismatic & driven broadcast professional w/advanced VO talent, 2 years experience in the production & hosting duties of an on-air music show.  Eagerness to cultivate abilities & passion for all things radio. 

Erika (202) 460-9539
Multi-talented Writer, Voiceover Artist, and Producer. Specialization in commercial voiceover, plus four years of On-air broadcasting/production experience (including Co-Host Mornings.) Reliable, personable, engaging. Able to return work in as little as an hour.

Hannamarie (912) 385-3037
On-air/VO/Production seeks a station or media group to utilize talents.  Solid communication/broadcasting, with notable production and writing capacities.  Highly organized and individual, who’s very flexible, respectful, dedicated and trustworthy and ready to go! 

Thomas (401) 338-3395
Bubbly, cheerful and happy!  Extremely positive, outgoing and engaging female broadcaster, with good on-air/show prep ability.  Respectful, dependable and helpful – always willing to go the extra mile for others. 

Shirley (704) 692-6617
Experienced and well-rounded broadcaster!  (Radio/TV background)  Strong sense of community and a caring spirit, with a desire to serve others by uplifting and inspire people through media.  Positive, encouraging and influential. 

Cleveland (217) 521-5968
Hard-working entertainer, who’s updated and informed.  Passion for broadcasting, music and production industry.  Strong recording/editing, and show prep capacities, plus with a willingness to learn more and grow with a company. 

Emanuel (314)-643-5050
Iím Cool! Socially interactive, well-versed, creative individual, who enjoys writing music, and interesting copy material and Voiceovers. MCO experience, useful utility player who thrives to encourage others and stays extremely positive.

John (972) 251-3616
Bilingual female broadcaster/journalist seeks opportunities.  Strong news/on-air abilities, copywriting, and social media savvy.  Extremely self-motivated, friendly and outgoing, hard-working, who’s always punctual and very reliable – plus has radio promotions experience. 

Melissa (469) 475-7745
Extremely social Mobile DJ/Entertainment talent, plus have a deep rooted passion for music business and broadcasting industry. Possess strong On-air and production abilities with loyalty and commitment as overall main focus.

Kevin (903) 851-3653

An experienced audio producer, with a solid on-air personality and voice actor talents. No stranger to strong VO/Imaging demands, request lines, board-operations/producer, social media traits, plus marketing/promotions and the music industry.

Max (916) 289-7320

A great conversationalist, who’s got a good ear for mixing music too!  Strong creative writing, production, VO and technically savvy and with networking and web/computer skills.  Thrives in live/local radio, and being part of the community! 

Lee (719) 539-2828

Looking for a smooth sultry voice to take your station to the next level?  Try the Radio Minx; High quality production, multi-music genre.

Crystal (405) 889-9527
Entertaining character, down to earth, trained broadcaster with skills that encompass: on-air, VO, copywriting, promotions,and CoolEdit digital production.  Relatable, positive, friendly, and eager to use my talents at your station. 

Jasmine (817) 919-1956
On-air Talent/Production Engineer.  Notable digital, production/technical skills studio consoles/mixing experience.  Articulate, inspired, creative, passionate, dedicated, positive and social.  Comfortable being pushed outside of my comfort zones, while seeking to push and motivate others.

T’Juan (682) 203-3637
Creative, Bold, Free-thinker ready to work for your media group.  Good behind scenes broadcast individual very suited for producing, copywriting, voice-over and board-operations or MCO.  Deadline driven, friendly and a great listener. 

Kimbreon (817) 965-8895
Very ambitious female broadcaster, who’s full of excitement, and positive energy plus focused and reliable!  Able to meet challenges (above and beyond), and seeking opportunities in Sports/On-air Co-Host/Promotions and Gospel formats. 

Kenyada (469) 268-2415
Experienced and Flexible broadcaster who’s proficient On-air/Production/Programming talents with creative/copywriting skills, especially in Gospel/Christian formats, also multi-lingual able to translate Bible and materials English and Swahili.  Reliable, energetic and very organized.

Jeremiah (214) 489-5885
Above and beyond talent; not a that was/this is jock!  Sounds local, research and prep savvy, makes connections with audience.  Tons of energy, ear-catching and entertaining breaks, plus station/media versatility. 

McCrae (214) 530-1034
Young hard worker who is willing to relocate.  Will do the job I’m asked to do plus some! 

Cole (918)-348-2276
Your search for an innovative, talented Radio Announcer with an explosive personality ends here.  Solid board ops, digital production, creative writing skills ready to shine with your station.  Willing to relocate. 

Maurice (760)-274-5283
Charismatic, passionate broadcasting grad looking for On-air/Production/Sports opportunities.  Skilled sportscaster and well-rounded and love for music/sports, production copywriting, and board-operations.  Seeks to be an asset for your station. 

Dyllan (907) 355-1920
Friendly, Soft-toned female Voice Talent.  A bright, ambitious, creative, energetic soul, with positive vibe and atmosphere, seeks VO, production or creative/copy writing opportunities at your station.  Audio/Video tech set-up experience too. 

Laura (909) 728-7752
Let the good times roll!  DéjàVu here, looking to fulfill and spark up your station.  Lively personality on-air/1-on-1 connections, with a smile you can hear.  Great VO, Copy, News, Promotions and more.  

Deja (817) 691-1698
Quick-witted voice of the Techie/Nerdy/Intellectual set, connecting demographics less traveled with non-mainstream activities - just for you.  On-air Personality, Write/Produce copy or Voiceover Talent to suit your station/company needs.  Prepared and Meticulous!  

Joe (214) 356-5144
Talented, imaginative individual with a passion for creativity and a quick wit seeks career opportunity in radio broadcasting/acting.  Multi-faceted vocal abilities, clear and accurate delivery perfect for on-air/voiceover work.  Proficient production/editing.  

Rob (817) 682-0117
Graduate – ready to work. 
Email me for Air Check. 

Steven (405)-570-4379
Seeks to excel in radio.  Proficient in copywriting, VO hard/soft sell etc., producing and editing commercials of all standards.  Format open, hip-hop/R-&B/Top 40 and a little bit country.  Gets the job done and right. 

Valyncia (214) 489-0678
Broadcaster committed, detail-oriented, with good work ethics, and always willing to go the extra mile.  Punctual, willing to learn and take directions and multi-tasks with ease.  Adept computer/digital editing, and social media skills.

Jason 817-779-2944

Seeking to pursue opportunities within radio the broadcasting field.  Capable of digital production, sports, weather, traffic, and many other utility talents and traits.  A very honest, trustworthy employee with good work ethics. 

Jason (567)-377-2090

Extremely motivated and energetic On-Air Personality seeking a place to display my talents.  Excellent at imaging and proficient with programs such as Cool Edit and Adobe. 

Barry (502)-419-7389
Let’s get to it!  Knowledgeable Radio/TV/Film -Young energy, and sound, creative talent.   Proficient production, great execution conceptualization of new ideas.  Always prepared, adaptable plus able and willing to execute every assignment that I take on! 

Balikin (469) 230-2158
Dependable, loyal, and ready to work!  Extremely versatile and creative.  Skills include copywriting, imaging, digital, and technical production. 

Jeremy (405) 481-1762
Dynamic Voice, seeking Programming/Sports opportunities.  Exceptionally reliable, strong creative bits/ show prep, very tech savvy, recording proficiency and digital skills.  Comfortable behind a microphone, (performing/producing) and take entertainment very seriously! 

Ryan (817) 507-7026
Respectful with resilient energy, extensive sports, witty on-air delivery, able to engage in a wide range of topics including current news, and pop culture.   Show prep, and production abilities are notable as well. 

Andre (845) 204-1603
Passion for Broadcasting/Public Speaking/Theater.  Extremely enthusiastic, social, creative, and reliable with a can do attitude.   Desire to empower, and build teams.   Music appreciation/and up to date on news and current events.

Katrina (817) 655-0156
Seeking a challenging position in radio.  A very outgoing and industrious individual, with good on-air abilities, show prep and copywriting skills - also board-op, technical and digital production!

Kellen (720) 299-7429

Seeking a challenging radio career, ready to be a part of a team to take your station to a new level!  Experienced in production and on air!  Dependable, trustworthy, motivating, and inspiring. 

McDonald (405)-603-6856
Seeking opportunities in VO, Production, copywriting, public speaking, on-air & Programming field.  Very informed, direct, determined, goal-oriented, with good sense of humor, and a lot of passion for people, plus relatable. 

Kristen (401) 573-6098
Informed, funny, with a lot of spunk!  Friendly, extremely conversational with a professional tone, can deliver copy and news in a very soothing and decisive manner.   Determined, driven, multi-tasked, and open-minded.

Denise (817) 800-0376
Seeking a challenging position with a professional media environment, which will effectively utilize acquired broadcasting and production talents. CoolEdit/ProTools/Creative copywriter.  Catches on quickly/shows initiative.  Very personable and gets along well with others.

Matthew (817) 217-6266
Devoted and loyal personality.  Passionate about broadcasting and the culture.   Great communicator, who enjoys writing, and is prepared for shows!   A good unique voice, production skills journalism news and sports talents.  

T’Carion (972) 974-5230
YOUR SEARCH HAS MET IT’S MATCH!  He’s energetic, self motivated, creative, hard-working, the one you want!  He’s ready to start now so give him a chance you won’t regret it. 

Christian (405)-905-4775
Deep baritone voice, on air talent, newscaster, copywriter, and production skills.  Wanting to become an effective member of a productive team.

Greg (580)-650-9666
Creative—Entertaining Radio Personality.  Passionate about Entertainment.  Love music, being comical, digital production and voice overs.  Ready to bring my skills to Your company.  Dedicated to becoming your next asset.

Chris 405-589-3991
Positive reach/community oriented broadcaster with good voice and clean humor.   Focused on environment and education.   Budget contentious, diligent and productive team player, with high morals.   Seeks to be 100% and beyond.  

Bryan (817) 738-8475
Enthusiastic, outgoing, well-rounded Sportscaster, Production talent, & On-Air DJ looking to grow in the industry.  Knowledgeable & motivated person who will add a different style to your station.

Nate 405-819-8766
Knowledgeable Sports talk talent with great personality and prep/writing ability.  Friendly and easy to get along with, focused, determined and fulfilled.  Coachable, with great follow through.  Trustworthy, reliable and awesome communicator. 

Corey (817) 733-3366
Creative Broadcaster/ Freelance Voice Talent with a passionate soul who loves to uplift, edify and invoke positive change.  Versatile communicator, outspoken, influential and able to motivate, plus results driven.  Big Picture Thinker! 

Jennifer (817) 210-2798
A voice that captivates you, hard-working, energetic, team player and with an insatiable love of music. Look no further for your next on-air personality, voice-over, production creativity, board operator to join your already successful team.

Rob 248-881-8438
DRS & Adobe knowledgeable, energetic, and ready to entertain radio personality.  Excited about a new opportunity in radio—very social media savvy. 

Deprie (405)-464-5589
Dreams Big!  An intellectual, professional, creative, enthusiastic and passionate broadcaster with experience. On-air/Boards/Promotions. Confident, responsible and dedicated – my goals are to take an idea and make it better, and loves public events. 

Micheal 801-592-8659
Problem solver/management eye, driven, and unwilling to fail.  Honest, productive, multifaceted/utility player, programming/sports,  who’s well prepped, organized, entertaining plus gives 100% to the employer, and a get the job done kind of guy!

Andrew (469)-245-8917
Interesting, exciting, young hip-hop generation personality - with style.  Hard worker, with a delivery that’s able to reach out and relate to listener.  Strong copy, Pop culture/news, and on-air and mobile DJ skills.  

Greg (469) 278-8107
Experience with radio broadcasting, and shows!  Great conversationalist/broadcaster good on-air/prep/production talents.  Friendly and easy-going, clever, with strong understanding DRS, and Adobe software plus social media savvy, and love of music. 

Katrina (219) 781-0296
Widely useful - Ambitious and determined Radio Talent that thrives on learning and achieving lofty goals, with On-Air/Production, copywriting, music savvy and behind scenes know-how that brings creativity and originality to the broadcasting world. 

Frank 682-438-7818
Different but relatable broadcaster with great voice/character VO abilities.  Strong Graphic Arts, animation and IT talents.  Very Social Media savvy, visually creative writer, plus musically inclined.  Reliable with great work ethics.

Troy (214) 315-2706

Production/Copywriting/On-air/Mobile DJ skills plus Sports/Music arrangements.  Listener Focused/relatable.  Strong communication capacity. Resilient organized and able to multi-task. Works well under stress.  Extensive Leadership/Management/CSR experience.  Superb work ethics. 

LaTressa (817) 718-8213

Enthusiastic and energetic, team-player, tight boards, great production skills.  Very relatable and loves dealing with public/listeners.  Good phones and fantastic work ethics, punctual and organized and love what I do. 

Andre (510) 499-5319
An outstanding, charismatic, on-air talent with un-paralleled production skills.  What’s not to love?  If you need a talent who is ready to work hard for you; you need Randy Dunning.
Technology/Engineering Focused.  Motivated, dependable professional and knowledgeable, with 14 years of Management, electrical and Information Technology propensity.  Always willing to learn and progress in my skillset.  Recent Graduate from NAB TAP Program and SBE/CBNT Certified. 

Clint (817) 584-4107
Workaholic multi-talented broadcast professional, diligent and thorough with a effervescent  personality.  Exceptional On-Air, VO, and Acting experience.  Diverse abilities,  and oh, I get it…and deliver!!  A perfect fit for your media company! 

Elizabeth (830) 534-4863
Energetic self starter with a love for radio, seeking full-time behind the scenes position. Proficient in audio editing, board operation, and all aspects of broadcast technology plus adept in web, social media and graphic design.

William 972-974-0969
Social, optimistic, driven personality/talent, with strong promotions, photography, journalism, broadcasting and technical proficiency.  Seeking to take skills to next level.

Epiphany (903) 314-1330
Energetic, disciplined Sports aficionado – wants to work for your station.  Versatile, driven, enthusiastic, strong broadcasting/journalism talents.   Prep, Play-By-Play/color/stats/knowledge of teams and great technical ability. Creative copy, promotions and programming as well. 

Hunter (214) 476-4065
Extremely upbeat, thoroughly prepped on-air plus with unique show materials.  Strong production talents, digital skills and commercial copywriting.  Loyal, enjoys interacting with public, entertaining listeners, and acting as an ambassador.

Kengere (682)597-3155
Smooth baritone voice, dedicated, intuitive, courageous, articulate, prepped and ready.  Good on-air/sports/production.   Sharp memory, and follows directions/takes initiative.  History and music knowledge plus easy to get along with.

Shamar (210) 269-0743
Professional, driven and ambitious Voice Over/Production Talent with 4 years programming/board-op, journalism/staff writer, Emcee/Host and Ambassador experience seeks next challenge and opportunities for growth.  Fun, energetic, lively, with encouraging and a positive personality.

Brent (903) 736-1369
Smooth voice with notable digital and technical skills. Natural on-air and show prep ability. Very personable and conversational, hardworking and dependable.  Creative wordsmith, with witty and humorous style. Positive problem-solver and brainstormer! 

Elaine (817) 897-5529
Imaginative, quick witted, and humorous stand up comedian, with ad-lib proficiency and high energy with Master Control experience.  Seeking on-air, copywriting or production opportunities.  Versatile, motivated and dependable with good work ethic. 

Christa (913) 223-4045
EXPERIENCED BROADCASTER SEEKING NEW OPPORTUNITY. Strengths include clean, expeditious show production. Good knowledge of board operation, good rapport with call-in audience as well as a good grip of the technical side.

Kelly (918) 859-8295
Young DJ/Sportscaster with a great voice!  Great show prep ability.  Looking for a job as an On-Air Personality or in Sports talk radio.

ABS graduate looking for radio position in sales, marketing, or production. Very creative and detail oriented. Willing to relocate.

Jerry (918) 688-3273

Fun, outgoing, upbeat, comedic DJ that is a fast learner with love for Sports & Pop culture.  Strong in copywriting, digital production & voice over work.  Hardworking, professional and flexible. 

Matt (405)-735-7932
Bright, energetic with strong producing skills.  Versatile vocal abilities and delivery.  Works hard at every task for clients/company.  If you’re looking for someone that’s reliable and very self-motivated… I am your man!

Damon (702) 722-7239
Bring some flavor to your station!  Hardworking, determined to do my best for my team and willing to step out of my “comfort zone.”  Creative and bring a positive vibe to all around me.  Passionate about entertaining. 

Shawn (405)-795-0608
On-air personality specializing in sports talk radio and Play-by-Play, Public Address, Voiceover work, copywriting and production.  Well liked, enthusiastic, reliable with a great personality and communication abilities – eager to display them.

Carlos (469) 328-7789
Versatile, creative plus can carry a show with a passion for sports. Confident, hard working, dedicated, outgoing, personable and loyal broadcaster.  A total do-what-it -takes guy, who’s always up for challenges! 

Justin (817) 412-0706
Ministry Minded, Mission Focused!  Seeking a challenging position with a professional media environment, which will effectively utilize acquired broadcasting, production and ministry talents.   Positive attitude, and motivated outlook with passion for souls. 

Roland (817)729-9066
A Must Hear Voice!  Seeking Announcer, Traffic Reporter, Copywriter, Board-Op, Commercial Voiceover Artist, Engineer or Producer at your radio station.   Great personality, work ethic, determination and communication skills.  High Passion for broadcasting.  

Crome Alexander (214) 280-2022
Fascinated by media! Seeking opportunities within Programming, Show Prep, Digital Production, Voiceover and Promotions/Community Relations. Strong customer service/listener focus, diligent, detail-oriented versatile, and respectful. 

Mark (817) 681-6392
Seeking positions in programming department of a broadcasting company.  Good voice, digital skills, and creative.  Adaptable, observant and follows news, current events and pop culture.  Conversational and extremely easy to get along with. 

Kalep (214) 680-7439
Entertaining and energetic , driven, personable Talent/Producer.  Cognizant, detailed, analytical.   Up on news & current events,  good bits and prep, coachable, and idyllic.  Good communication and Motivator, and spontaneous, plus border line controversial. 

Kenneth (972) 370-8716
Highly enthusiastic, diligent, integrity filled individual who’s effectively able to meet demands of networking, strong promotional ability, production and broadcasting skills and knowledge, along with management and displays leadership. 

Sonny (682) 558-9870
Strong Marketing, Sales and Promotional talent and strategies. Strong Public Speaker, motivator and communicator. Dedicated to betterment of a company and its assets. Service-oriented, and compassionate. Positive attitude, with motivated outlook. 

Nika (214) 777-4905
Ambitious & Persistent with Charisma!  Talented adventurist, that’s entertainment oriented, animated and cheerful, with good sense of humor and talkative.  Creative, sassy with Promotions/Broadcasting/Modeling  and Record Label experience. 

Kiera (469) 364-0522
Radio personality with PBP experience, copywriting, digital production and VO.  Eager to work, passionate about the business, and dream of mine.  Able to execute radio show that’s entertaining/ informative to the listening audience. 

Darelle (469) 531-5254
A Character, with an interesting personality.  Strong passion for sports, music, and entertainment news.  Love to learn, laugh, and keep things stimulating.  Very creative with good production, prep and on-air skills. 

Ricky (972) 227-7708
Strong love for the radio industry! A great personality/talent wants to work for your station in Programming: on-air, board-operator, production/VO. Nice, honest, reliable, versatile and diligent with strong ethics.

Eric (757) 393-6292;
Seeking opportunities in media/broadcasting. Articulate with superior communication skills, friendly and good listener.  Very comical and entertaining, good theater of mind, multitasked, and team player.  Extensive customer service and organizational ability. 

Teka (210) 290-0909
Voice Over/Production skills with strong attention to detail. Excellent music knowledge, quick wit and adlib proficient. Hard worker, lots of ambition, thinks outside-the-box, fun, professional attitude, team player. Punctual and extremely reliable.

Jon (817) 805-5266
On-air DJ/Newscaster strong in prep work, news delivery, and production. I’m flexible and professional; ready to join the team!

Joseph (405)-550-8896
Accomplished pianist/vocalist seeking on-air DJ or newscaster position in the Southeast US. Can do voiceover/editing work, with devotion to detail and production. Hard and honest worker, dynamic voice and entertaining!

Dave (828)-384-0987
Creative, driven, outside-the-box thinker with excessive positivity and quick wit strongly desires programming opportunities with your station: board-op, commercial copywriting, production, and on-air. Proficient ad-libber, dedicated and focused, plus vast music appreciation.

Zach (214) 861-9943
Witty on air DJ/Sportscaster - comedic yet professional. Strong abilities in News delivery, prep-work, and production. A voice so smooth, so captivating, a necessity for any station looking to hook listeners.

(405) 808-1575
Novice Broadcaster fresh from school. Amateur musician, creative writing skills, innovative production style, and interested in production or co-hosting. Will start in any position and work toward his goals.

Devon (918) 549-8151
My passion for Sports and Broadcasting has taught me the importance of being a team player. I’m ready to be a part of your team.

Mark (405) 882-5078
Driven and dedicated voice artist/on-air personality with copywriting, editing and production and sales skills. 3 year's of sport's announcing, MC & PA. Passionate about radio, and being part of the winning station.

Jeff (870) 810-2882
Fresh talent with strong production skills and a voice as smooooooth as Nutella.
Enthusiastic, fun, inventive broadcasting professional with a real niche for VO/copywriting, able to do jingles, and character voices. Notable news/traffic work, plus promotions. Flexible and seeking to expand horizons in media.

Alaina (214) 354-1426
Young passionate radio broadcaster looking for a job in news, sports, on-air and production fields. Prior experience in sports talk format and on-air DJ plus CoolEdit/Adobe, and boards.

Doug 315-653-7800
or 315-396-3230
The Diva with the Dimples warms your cool days and heats your cool nights with a satin smooth sultry sound across the airwaves. The perfect asset to any station format.
Great asset! My daily goal: to do a great job, impress employers. Exceptional work ethic, personal, and mannerly. Honest personal, and excited about all the possibilities in media and the broadcasting industry.

Damion (817) 401-9268
Sports enthusiast with vast knowledge of games/teams.  Strong attention to detail, and hard worker.  Reliable, punctual and takes direction well.  Flexible with positive attitude, and easy to get along with.

Steven Johns (817) 863-1426
Dream of broadcasting on-air/behind scenes and sports! Very hands-on with digital , prep, PBP and stats. Flexible, positive attitude and great ethics. Seeking to thrive while helping the organization reach its goals.

Brandon 972-358-0455
Bilingual with lots of ambition, cooperation, out of the box ideas, and over all creative directions seeks somewhere to apply abilities to various writing, commercial and voiceover projects. 

Jesse (817) 247-2305
Energetic and talented individual seeking position in broadcasting. Abilities and education include: ~Researching and interviewing guests and news stories ~Creating, producing, and presenting shows or programs ~Conducting and editing sound bites
~Assisting production team

Seeking employment for On-Air Personality.  Upbeat and Entertaining.  Very sociable; looking for the opportunity to share my talent with your listeners and future listeners.  Master of Imaging!  Grab me while you can!
Seeking to grow and be a successful broadcaster. Bilingual with great programming and sports skills, either On-Air or support positions.  Passion for broadcasting, and enjoys challenges.  Outgoing, reliable, efficient, methodical and quick.

Alonzo (469) 386-5459
ABS graduate looking for a career in radio or voice over work. Hardworking, reliable and willing to try new things. Full-time or part-time. Willing to relocate.

Robert (918) 261-9345

Professional with personality; articulate, entertaining, & energetic.  Have what it takes to be your #1 Guy.  Going to make it big in this business, let it be with you. 

Alan (580)-484-0059
Strong on air personality with training in production and copy writing. Seeking employment with continued on-the-job training.

Woody (918) 282-0532

Contagious positive energy, lovely personality that shines, and draws listeners in. Flawless voice, exceptional digital production skills, big smile, undeniable multi-talented broadcaster, destined to succeed. Focused, prepared, creative and results oriented.

Brandon (318) 732-1485

I'm creative. I am a hard worker. I don't like to give up ever. I love to help people every chance I get. I'm very supportive of other people and love to hear others ideas.
On-Air/Support Positions Programming or Sports- Attentive sports devotee and player, with knowledge of PBP, stats and teams plus digital/technical, and poised broadcasting ability. Informative prep/copy, timely, flexible, and always smiling!

Joseph (469) 952-1603

Professional integrity, strong moral courage and honesty. Reliable, detail-oriented team player. Strong grasp of broadcasting techniques, and knowledge. Good on-air and show prep ability. Notable digital and technical skills.

Gabriel (559) 816-9880

Notable producing/audio engineer plus digital and technical skills - CoolEdit & ProTools. Extensive expertise with computers and various software. Strong grasp of broadcasting techniques, and knowledge. Multi-tasked, outgoing, friendly and honest.

Michael (817) 760-3395

Female with relaxed and conversational on-the-air delivery. Strong show prep, copywriting, programming execution and interviewing ability. Notable DJ, Emcee, production and promotional skills. Plus Live Club and Mix Performances Professional dancer/choreographer.

Tranette (816) 352-9637

Solid on-air talent plus production/digital capacities, prep and commercial copywriting skill.  Articulate, entertaining, funny, creative, innovative, very flexible and extremely reliable.  High energy, prepared.  Good character substance with leadership and integrity. 

Barry (469) 254-6877
If you want a hard-worker, self-starter and dependable personality... you got it! Ready and willing to travel… that's me. On-air, board-operations, production, and copywriting techniques/knowledge. Excellent communications skills, and very service-oriented.

George 214-675-3408

Looking for exciting experiences in radio, media, and VO! A people friendly, team player, who's outgoing, charismatic, and dedicated to learn. Loves all formats, and music. Punctual, Hard worker/Quick learner.

Destiny (817) 819-9556

Passionate about sports with a vast knowledge of teams, PBP, and stats.  Creative copywriting abilities. Punctual, dependable, friendly and works well with others. Loyal, and on-time. Tenacious employee, who takes initiative.

(425) 289-6419
Extensive sports knowledge and appreciation. Loyal, service-oriented and dedicated to company. Hard worker, with strong ethics. Extremely personable, friendly and polite.

Dwayland (214) 527-8161

Three years owner/air talent online radio station. Authoritative news delivery, dynamic voice talent with highly creative commercial production. Well-developed copywriting skills. Musician: 20 years live music/sound production. Upbeat, humorous and listener focused.

Allen (810) 433-1404
ABS grad looking for long term
work in production, sales or promotions. I’d love to work for your station! Prefer to stay in Oklahoma.

Melissa (918) 304-4891

DJ TNT wants to explode your Market with skyrocketing ratings! I am proficient in copywriting, voice-overs, news, sports, and production. Let DJ TNT blast away the competition and assist you in becoming #1.

Tiffany Cook

Great on-air personality, excellent show prep, and news.  Very knowledgeable of sports/teams play-by-play, and stats.  Strong technical familiarity and digital media A/V techniques/experience also! Reliable, friendly, on-time and follows through.

Brian (682) 367-3886
Seeking a position utilizing developed skills in a professional broadcasting/media environment with possibility of career advancement. Big smile, great attitude, catches on quickly, plus strives for good of company.

James Harris (682) 556-3305
Loyal, determined and flexible.  Good on-air and show prep ability but willing to learn and do any job at a station.  Team player, and takes initiative. Outgoing, bubbly, and positive personality. 

Kiantrena (817) 690-6117
Enthusiastic radio broadcaster. Interested in sports announcing and production.  Ready to work in any position and willing to relocate.

Derek (918) 850-3890
Broadcasting graduate ready to work in television or radio. Interested in news and production. Ready for a challenge! Reliable and ready to go!

Jared - (918) 360-2837

Radio school graduate interested in announcing, operations, board ops or support position. Willing to start in any position.

Thomas (918) 902-3031
Recent broadcasting graduate looking for radio job in the Tulsa area. Energetic with fun interaction with listeners. Excellent board work and production.

Aaron - (918) 369-1260

Radio school graduate interested in radio support position. Board ops, remote tech, etc.

Tyler (918) 266-4516

ABS grad with excellent skills in production, on-air announcing and in sports.  Energetic, hard working, and always willing to learn. Ready to relocate.

Tayna (918) 289-4705
Dynamic broadcasting personality with great attitude, ready to be unleashed on the world. Get in on the ground floor.

Michael (918) 574-1296

Fluent in hockey, football, basketball, and baseball, I’m looking to break into Sportscasting.  I’m not just limited to that though; Copywriting, Production, and Music, I’m there too.

Eric 405-220-5444
Recent ABS graduate looking for work in radio.  Interested in on-air, news, and operations.  I’m a hard working guy, I’ll get the job done. Willing to relocate.

Jeremiah (580) 222-1704
I’m Nikesha, aka, Kinfezzy-Fa-Sho! Ready for your radio.  Dependable, hardworking, goal-oriented, team player. Seeking position to grow in Sales or On-Air.  Great professional working attitude.  Willing to relocate. Original and fresh.

Nikesha (918) 402-5588
Determined to make a permanent mark within news/sports talk radio arena. Whether on-air or behind the scenes. Efficient broadcasting, media and computer abilities. Willing to relocate anywhere to enhance my radio career.

Anthony (903)220-1438
If you’re looking for a hard working, dependable, radio school graduate, I’m you girl.
I’m funny and energetic.  My board work is tight and I have an excellent voice. Interested in announcing, operations,
production/copy writing and sales.

Jamie (918) 951-2617

Positive, uplifting On-Air personality. Ambitious and eager to break into Radio. Killer production and imaging skills with booming voice. Detail-oriented, social media savvy, knowledge of multiple formats.

Sergio (631) 747-3121

Joe (405)924-7284
Professional with a passion for the radio industry. Loyal, hardworking and easygoing, with a natural ability to connect with people and audience. Strong technical skills in digital and broadcasting software.

Carolyn (706) 798-6568

Experienced Broadcaster – Lots of Energy, plus hilarious.  Successful, and knowledgeable on-air personality, with a warm and friendly, and never hesitant to open that mic with a cheerful voice. 

Ryan (918) 403-8562
Positive broadcaster with creative on-air presence, relatable to listener. Versatile writing ability, detail oriented. Exceptional classic oldies music knowledge. Adobe Audition/DRS proficient. Dependable team player seeking challenging position in almost any format. 

Rob (828) 656-2174
Motivated, energetic, relatable female broadcaster with inventive writing/production style. Solid on-air delivery/ news/ production skills. Computer/social media savvy. Organized, dedicated team player, detail driven. Fast learner ready to fill any position. 

Donna  (828) 656-2174
The sounds and smiles of Chrissy Chris!  Chrissy Chris gives you words of creativity and production of sunshine.  Whether it be on the mic or in your commercials, Chrissy Chris delivers what you ask for!

Full of energy, glass half full type of guy looking for an on-air position.  Skilled in news writing & delivery and enjoys digital production.  Willing to expand my horizons.

Positive Energy/Good on-air presence.  Extensive Music Industry/Marketing experience.  Creative writing ability with TV/Radio plus shows, and prep.  Solid Digital Production: Pro Tools, Cool Edit, Acid Pro, and savvy computer skills.

Christopher (940) 230-9748

Organized, Self-Motivated, Professional Media Broadcasting Talent seeks station. Lives to prep and entertain listeners using creative unique ideas on-air, in production, programming and copywriting. Strong values, teamwork, integrity, loyal, and responsible.

Amos (580)-744-0951

Fresh, hard working radio rookie ready to work hard for you. Tight, smooth board operator and a fast, willing learner. Will consider any available position. Ready to relocate.

Joe (918) 704-3237

27 year old male that has lived radio and music my entire life. Previous job shadowing in broadcasting, radio is my dream. Strengths in announcing, copywriting and production. Ready to relocate.

David (918) 398-6731
Loves Digital (Adobe) & Audio Editing!  Dedicated, reliable and great work ethics.  Versatile, a true go-to-guy, creative copy, very upbeat and personable, with good voice. Always willing to go the extra mile.

Sean (972) 863-8486
Ambitious ABS radio school graduate looking to be a member of your team. Organized, reliable, and versatile. Very talented in production, copywriting,
and sales. Willing to work any position.

Josalyn (918) 367-5820

Broadcasting graduate with ability to write creative, memorable ad copy fast.  Fearless Voice talent trained for LIVE and studio delivery.  Audition/Cool Edit/DRS proficient.

Brand new broadcaster fresh out of school.  Ready to bring great energy and entertainment to your station!  Able to do various accents & characters.  Looking for work in Chicagoland area.

Jace (405)-443-6414
Can do anything!
Sports broadcasting. play-by-play, board operation, production and news.
Ready for a challenge!
Reliable and ready to go!

Jeff - (918) 530-2301

A universal word, Motto. I'm Kevin a dynamic, positive, creative, responsible, hard working, fresh new talent ready to be molded into a universal voice for your station. My last name, Motto.

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